Northern Rocks 2016

The first Northern Rocks Education Conference #NRocks was held on Saturday 7th June 2014 at Leeds Metropolitan University. 500 teachers gathered in the rain to reclaim their profession. Three years on, we will be hosting our 4th Northern Rocks conference.On Saturday 17th June 2017, a wide variety of education specialists will be heading to Leeds and we hope you can join us. In addition, we’re committed to our principle that education exists to make the world a better place and that that future lies in the hands of our young people. This year we’ll have some of those young people telling us what they think about education, what they hope for in the future and what they would like to change.

Please see our Speakers’ page for a full list of presenters.

Northern Rocks 2017 Speakers

We are teachers who thought that a major teaching and learning event in the North of England was long overdue. We are teachers who thought it was time to self organise and share best practice. We always have a fabulous day, populated by people passionate about education.

Guests can contact us via the twitter account @NRocks2017 or through this site.

We will be starting the event with a panel discussion then the day will be divided into workshops led by different speakers.